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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Capoeira and the London Marathon and Zombies

Well done to everyone that ran the London Marathon today, couldn't help but remind me of this from 2011, when I ran the London Marathon in my capoeira kit (finishing in 3:55:58):

I got the marathon bug when I moved away (for work) from my kung fu school, and got into running to keep fit. Since discovering capoeira, I've still kept running - I'm a runner and a capoeirista, and both help each other out.

When running I like to use the app Zombies, Run! - it's lots of fun, and whilst it is an app you'll have to pay for, I think it is worth it. You play the character Runner 5, helping out Able Township in the post zombie apocalyptic world. All you need to do is select your music. In between your tracks it will play a clip that develops the on going story (over three seasons). You can also choose to have zombies chase you - when your music is playing, and at random or in line with the story, it will tell you zombies have been detected - you must increase your pace to evade them, or risk losing some of your bonuses picked up on your run.

I always run with capoeira music - I've found the beat on "Eu vou tanger meu gado" from Mestre Ray's album "Tributo" is perfect for a 4 min km pace - though getting my legs to keep up with the beat over 5k is my current challenge. It also allows me to practice the songs whilst also keeping my fitness up.

The capoeira music has had another advantage - whilst going for personal best's at parkruns, I've had Mesre Ray's voice in the back of my head telling me "No pain, no gain Kung Fu!", and it's really helped spur me on!

On top of that, music is really important to capoeira - it's what distinguishes it from other martial arts. The music dictates how fast or slow the game is played, and when I'm feeling a bit low or tired, the energy from the roda can always pick me up - being reminded of that energy when running helps keep me going too!

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