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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Friday roda 5th June

Last weekend I was at Let's Play Capoeira 2015, an annual event organised by Mestre Maxwel and his group Ile Capoeira, along with some of the Oficina family in the UK:

Mestre Acordeon was there, and it was amazing to train with this legend again. As he is 70 now, he doesn't jump into every roda, but is a little bit more discerning now. Contra Mestre Hiram Ribeiro had the honor of playing with him, and it was very special to watch this live!

What a bless to be chosen by MESTRE ACORDEON to play Capoeira.Entre esses e outros momentos que tenho a certeza e me orgulho de ser Capoeira.#LENDAVIVA #MESTREACORDEON #OBRIGADO #ILEMESTREMAXWEL #CAPOEIRACLUB
Posted by C Mestre Hiram Ribeiro on Saturday, 30 May 2015

A big thanks to Mestre Maxwel and his students for the event. It's got me even more excited for Oficina's own event in Cheltenham - the 8th International Capoeira Festival.

The big festivals and events are one of my favourite things - playing capoeira all day, training with lots of guest teachers and mestres, getting to meet capoeiristas from other groups, the big rodas, the energy. I'm really looking forward to this one, and if you're interested, there's still space!

If you would like any information about coming to the festival, please get in touch at (or with any of the other contact details on the right of this website).

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