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Monday, 29 June 2015

Muito obrigado Mestrando Primo

I first started capoeira on June 12th 2008. In fact, the post has been immortalised on my Facebook feed:

Back then there was only one lesson a week (the group was just getting back up and running after a brief hiatus in between the master who set it up leaving, and the then Professor Primo arriving) , and it wasn't long after I started that I took a few weeks out of training to go off and trek part of the Great Wall of China for the Meningitis Trust. Before I went, Mestrando Primo was selling abada - with the impending travel, and not much funds to spare, I said that I'd buy some abada on my return and after the next pay day. Primo put his trust in me, and let me have the abada telling me he trusted me to pay him back when pay day came around.

This weekend was the 8th Cheltenham Capoeira Festival, and it was a very emotional event, where Primo once again put his trust put his trust in me, and all his other students.

Mestrando Primo, with Mestre Ray's blessing, gave me the amazing honour of awarding me my blue Graduado Corda. I must confess, I did not think it would be coming so soon - I still have so much to improve upon, and so many new things to learn. But I am pleased that I now have students of my own to join me on the journey as I go about improving and growing my capoeira,

It was also joyful to see my friend Nego Lua receive his Instrutor corda; Mandingueiro, Esperta and Ace Ventura receive their Monitor cordas; my students from school receive their first cordas; welcoming Estagiaro Rad into the Oficina Family and to see all the other students exchanging their cordas. It is up to us now to help grow Oficina da Capoeira in the UK, because there was also some sad news:

Mestrando Primo announced he would be leaving the UK, which is upsetting for us, but great news for him as he takes a new path in life that will help him feel complete. I wish him every success!

It is hard to find the words to express how I feel, and what Primo means to me. He brought capoeira into my life, and I will be eternally gratefully for that. So I will just finish by publicly saying a big thank you to Mestrando Primo again. Thank you for the trust you've put in me with the graduado corda, and for everything else, I look forward to growing Oficina da Capoeira in Chichester and making you proud of the seed you have planted.

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