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Currently the group is on a brief hiatus whilst the instructor takes a break to settle in with his new born second daughter.

Classes will return, watch this space!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hallowe'en roda 31st October

Here's a roda from Instrutor Golfinho's group over in Leuven, Belgium:

Remember though, it doesn't have to be Hallowe'en for there to be tricks and treats in a roda!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The bateria

In capoeira the bateria refers to the musical instruments in the roda. A full bateria consists of three berimbau (gunga, médio and viola), a pandeiro (a Brazilian tambourine) and an atabaque (a drum). In addition, there may also be a reco-reco (a scraper) and agogô (a kind of bell). 

At the very least, a berimbau is employed to provide the instrumental to accompany the songs. This may not always have been the case, and the subject is very much under debate (see Capoeira: The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art by Matthias Röhrig Assunção for more on this debate). Evidence for this can be found, for example, in a painting by Johann Moritz Rugendas from 1825, Capoeira or the Dance of War which does not feature the berimbau:

However, whatever the origins of the berimbau's place in the bateria, it is certainly now the most important of the instruments in capoeira.

The above line up for the bateria has only been formalized since the 1960s. Mestre Bimba's bateria consisted of two pandeiros and a berimbau; and Mestre Pastinha experimented with a number of line ups (including the guitar 'viola de corda' and Spanish castanets) before settling on the now recognised bateria listed at the start of this post.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Weekly roda 23rd October

Here's a nice roda that popped on to my Facebook feed. For those at tonight's class, watch closely and you can see the vingativas that we practiced today.

Oficina da capoeira Instrutor Sapo.....
Posted by Edwin Casao on Thursday, 1 October 2015

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Weekly roda

Firstly, a reminder that next week's class will be on Friday 23rd, as Thursday there's a Parents' Evening.

Secondly, if you want a berimbau, they are £35 and the money needs to be in by 1st December so Instrutor Nego Lua can pick them up when he visit Brazil. Here's Professor Neguinho getting the energy going on the berimbau if you want to see one in action. Which leads us nicely to this week's roda:

It's dedicated to Professor Neguinho, as he is hosting his 7th festival in Belgium. I've been to the first two, and he puts on a great event! Hopefully one day I'll be able to make it back there, until then, here's Professor Neguinho in action.

It certainly looks like everyone is having a great time based on the videos on the event page!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday roda 9th October

This week's roda is dedicated to Mestrando Primo, as we wish him well for his move to Italy.

A reminder for those coming to the workshop with him tomorrow, we will be leaving from Chichester station at 10:30.

Here's a video of Mestrando Primo playing with various instructors and teachers from around the world:

Boa sorte Mestrando Primo!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Song: Berimba ta chamando aê

Berimbau ta chamando aê, vamos comemorar
Tem festa na cidade dez anos de idade de oficina

Se bem me lembro como tudo começou
Braço guerreiro de mestre mas ainda professor
Depois de muito trabalho depois de muito aprender
Esta ai o resultado são dez anos pra você

Berimbau ta chamando aê
Berimbau ta chamando aê, vamos comemorar
Tem festa na cidade dez anos de idade de oficina

Velhos tempos lá da garra e nossa Sapucaí
liberdade eu não me esqueço tudo começou ali
quem já foi não se esquece quem não viu mas bota fé
as rodas da praça sete , lá na feira tem axé
berimbau ta chamando aê

Berimbau ta chamando aê, vamos comemorar
Tem festa na cidade dez anos de idade de oficina

Oficina ganhou o mundo conquistou todo Brasil
Mas lamento meu amigo pra quem um dia partiu
Faço parte da história que o meu mestre começou
E pra sempre na memória vou lembrar do seu valor
Berimbau ta chamando aê.

Berimbau ta chamando aê, vamos comemorar

Tem festa na cidade dez anos de idade de oficina

Here is Mestre Ray singing the song at the 1st Innternational Capoeira Festival in Belgium:

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Weekly roda 3rd October

Here's a roda with my good friends Contra Mestre Negoteta and Monitor Mandingueiro.

Contra Mestre Nego Teta will be hosting a capoeira festival in April and I'm planning on going - there'll be space in the car if you want to come too, let me know! More details nearer the time.

Also, today is the absolute last call for t shirts, I will order them tomorrow morning.