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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Weekly update 24th April

Firstly, "Hello" to new visitors who met us at the Princesses and Superheroes Family Fun Day!

For regular visitors, a slight change of format for the "Weekly roda" post - there will still be a roda video each week, but this post has evolved into a chance to update on events and what's on the horizon, so it seemed to make more sense to have this titled as a weekly update.

Firstly, it's the final week to take advantage of the April earlybird discounts for the First International Capoeira Festival, Chichester. You can buy tickets through the festival website, or in class.

In addition, for those who would like to attend any combination of the Bristol, Cheltenham and Chichester Oficina da Capoeira festivals this year, we have multi-event tickets available, which also offer a superb saving!

Mestrando Primo will be placing an order for abada (capoeira trousers) very soon, so if you would like a pair, please let me know your size - small, medium or large for adults; or for kids sizes, your age. Abada are £35 for adults, and £30 for children.

This week's roda comes from the annual Ginga Juventude event - enjoy!

Just to finish off, here are some superheroes being put through their paces yesterday at the aforementioned Princesses and Superheroes Family Fun Day:

and a group shot at the end of the day:
Graduado Kung Fu and Saiya-jin with an assortment of Superheroes and Princesses.
See you all in class on Monday and Thursday!

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