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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dedication pays off!

You can now pay for your classes via BACS transfer or a standing order.

If you want to BACS a lesson, the cost is the same, £6 for adults and £4 for children. You can do this from today - ready for tomorrow's class!

For those who come every week though, your dedication can pay off! For a regular monthly payment, you could save as much as £146.57* per year. This offer commences in September, but you can pay for September from today.

The rates for the monthly payments are below, and the savings you would make per year are in brackets:

Adult rate:
Pay £20 per month and come to one class a week (save £72.86).
Pay £40 per month and come to both classes each week (save £145.71).

Child rate:
Pay £12 per month and come to one class a week (save £64.86).
Pay £24 per month and come to both classes each week (save £129.71).

Obviously, there need to be some terms and conditions for paying via a bank transfer.

Firstly, whether paying for individual lessons, or a monthly payment, please use your name or apelido (capoeira name) as a reference so I know if you have paid. If you are unsure how to do this, talk to your bank.

Individual lesson payments: these should ideally be paid before the lesson itself, however, there is a bit of grace with this, and you can pay in the days that follow the lesson. You cannot have more than two lessons' grace without speaking to Graduado Kung Fu (aka David Wood) first. Should you pay for a lesson, and then not be able to make it, you can either keep that as credit for a future lesson, or a refund can be given.

Standing orders need to be in by the first of the month, but they can be made before the first. You can make a BACS transfer, but a standing order may be more convenient for you - you can set it to automatically come out on pay day. These can be cancelled at any time, and you are not committing to any minimum length of time with these payments. If you were to miss a class, then you would not get a refund. However, if a class were to be cancelled, you can choose whether to have a refund, or whether you would like to donate the money to the group (a reminder that this group does not operate for profit - any money made in excess of expenses gets put back into paying for publicity and resources for the group).

If you would like to take advantage of any of these ways of paying, please let me know, and I will give you the sort code and account number.

*Savings have been calculated based on the average number of lessons in the year.

For those who are at Kung Fu levels of geekery, this includes whatever day of the week the year starts on; whether or not it is a leap year; and specifically for the next 28 years, because in 28 years the calendar for 2016  will repeat itself. This does make a difference. If you assume an even distribution of starting days then your average saving for both classes is £146.57. This might sound better than £145.71, but it wouldn't be honest.

Whether they feature in 28 years or not, the best value years are for:
Both classes: A leap year that starts on a Monday.
Monday classes: A normal year the starts on Saturday, Sunday or Monday or a leap year that starts on a Monday, Friday or Saturday.
Thursday classes: A normal year starting on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or a leap year starting on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Working this all out would have been quicker if I knew how to code, and didn't do a lot of the working out by hand.

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